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The purpose of assessment in OA is to help applicants:
  • Develop a preliminary picture of their interests, aptitudes, skills, strengths, values and career goals.

  • Decide which job is the best option for them to achieve their career goals.

For applicants to make informed choices about whether or not a job is the right option for them, they must have a clear picture of who they are, the potential career options they could consider based on what they know about themselves, and the available resources to help them learn the skills they need to prepare for the career that interests them. Young people need to know about ALL their choices so that if/when they decide to commit to a job, they've done so for the right reasons. Appropriate assessment during OA increases retention and improves student engagement with employers.

Listed below are categories of documents that can be used to conduct career assessments:

Assessing Interests and Aptitudes

Interest Profiler Instrument

Interest Profiler Score Report

Interest Profiler Users Guide

Combined Profiler Occupations List

Assessing Work Values

Values Assessment

Assessing Personal Characteristics & Strengths

Personal Characteristics Checklist

Assessing Skills

Skills Checklist



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