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The purpose of assessment in CTP is to help students:
  • Gain a clear picture of themselves, their goals and their unique selling points so that they can market themselves to potential employers and plan for the future beyond initial job placement.

  • Identify the job search skills and tools they need to hone prior to seeking employment.

  • Determine their potential issues and barriers related to obtaining and retaining employment so they can be addressed.

Comprehensive assessment as part of the Career Transitions Phase helps graduates identify those areas of employability and job search where they need assistance and gives them feedback on what they need to improve. It also assists them in planning for the long-term. Done well, assessment during this phase can improve job placement and retention measures, assuming that young people are connected to the appropriate resources to help them address issues identified during the process.

At this phase, young people should revisit their original career plans and the assessments they did in CPP to see how this information has stayed the same and how it has changed. They should also assess their marketability and readiness for employment as well as their job search skills.

Here are on-disk materials and links to help with this phase:

Job Search/Employment Readiness

Are You Ready to Job Search.doc

My Job Search Needs.doc

How Marketable Are You.doc


On-Line Material about Job Hunting

Caution: Specific job listings are typically in the States. Beware of job-opening and salary projections. These are typically averages across the entire nation and do not hold for specific locations. Always do your due-diligence regarding cost-of-living for a particular job location before accepting an offer. (lots of material here besides job listings)

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