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Material linked from the left column under "Career Assessment" is adapted from the United States' Job Corps Region IV Assessment Training Site. The intention is to make career assessments and supporting material available to counselors whose centers do not have internet access. The idea is that copies of various documents could be downloaded and printed by a press that can do so inexpensively. Entire assessment kits could be assembled from the material on this disk and linked from these pages. The contents of such a kit is up to the career counselor who should apply knowledge and experience in the assembly of kits to fit the intended audience.

Material on the left from the SUCCESS Foundation™ was originally developed for teenagers. However, anyone who wants to learn about the principles of career development will find much value as they build their careers and become sought-after professionals.

Also linked from the left column is material from this disk's collector. He is a trained career facilitator and a senior research engineer with 35 years experience.
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Links to commercial material shown in the right column are there simply to alert you to additional off-disk items should you have the interest.

Also linked from the right column is the Greatness Factory Trust, a career-development non-profit in Zimbabwe Africa. This collection originated with a request from the Trust to support a tour of schools conducted during the last two weeks of July 2012.

Everything in this collection is made available under the CreativeCommons license. You are free to redistribute this material if you do so without cost, do not create derivative works, and maintain all attributions.




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