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The purpose of assessment in CPP is to help students:
  • Solidify their career choices through deeper self-knowledge and exploration of options.

  • Develop a career and learning plan to carry them through CTP and into employment.

During CPP, students should further explore their initial commitment to a specific job and the career choice. The goal is to ensure that they have solid knowledge about themselves and their options and that they are making an informed decision to stay employed and to enter the CTP phase. Solid assessment and career planning support during CPP improves long-term retention and reduces career changes.

Here is a listing of materials that can help:

O*NET Ability Profiler (paper/pencil--free--entirely on this disk)

• Verbal Ability
• Arithmetic Reasoning
• Computation
• Spatial Ability
• Form Perception
• Clerical Perception
• Motor Coordination
• Finger Dexterity
• Manual Dexterity



Values Worksheet.doc

Values Auction Handout.doc

My Ideal Work Day Worksheet.doc


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