4 Reasons to Pay Attention to Work-Life Balance

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Work-life balance is a topic that regularly comes up as important. Trouble is that, when it comes to work-life balance, people have difficulty in defining what it means to them, worry that even mentioning work-life balance will go against them or simply see it as unattainable.

So if you are a leader, why should you pay attention to work-life balance?

Reason 1: The stakes are high

According to research, someone who is suffering from high levels of stress is 9 times more likely to make a mistake. While we all make mistakes from time to time, having undue levels of stress or worry increases the likelihood of making a major mistake.

Reason 2: Decline in productivity

There are more and more demands on all of us to be more productive. We all hoped that gadgets would ultimately increase our productiveness. While this is true to some extent, they have in other ways added to our stress. If you don't make a point of getting some rest and recovery from time to time, your productivity will without doubt decrease.

Reason 3: People are high cost items

In any major organisation, staff costs are a significant part of the overall operating cost. In some organisations, they can account for around 70% of the overall expenditure. If there was a piece of equipment that your business was 70% reliant on, you would be more than happy to invest in making sure that it functioned optimally. People, like equipment, are assets and you should aim to treat them as such if you want the best results.

Reason 4: You are no good to the organisation if you are not there

While it is great that you or someone on the team is highly committed, fact is that you cannot contribute if you are not there. We all have our thresholds in terms of pressure and demands. Learn to recognise your pressure points and take action to avoid it becoming an issue.

The Bottom Line

Achieving results personally and through others requires you to keep performance at an optimal level. So what do you need to start paying attention to in order to create and deliver more success?

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Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements (G&A) works with accountants, health professionals, teams and organisations to develop their management and leadership capability.

With 25 years business experience in a range of sectors, he understands first hand the real challenges of managing and leading in the demanding business world.

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