What You Should Never Do If You Desire True Success

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If you want to learn how to become successful in life the starting point is to first learn what you must never do if you really truly desire success in life. In this write up, I will give you at least five important things you must never do if you want your life to end up as a celebrated success.

Never allow other people to run your life for you:

Manage your life yourself; you are the only one in control, not your dad or mum, not your best friend. The implication of any serious mistake will only be burnt by you, so be wise. Do what you want and desire not what other people expect of you, never surrender to the dictates of second class people. Please remember this that you should never base your decision on what anybody expects of you. Be solidly in control of your life, of your own affairs. In the Bible, King Saul of Israel got into trouble when she listened to people's opinion about not killing Agag the king of Amalekites, and sparing the good things of the land. God had earlier on commanded him to destroy everything in that city, but he allowed other people's opinion to destroy his destiny. You should never fall into this trap.

Never blame other people for your bad luck or failure:

You are not a failure until you blame somebody else. When you take responsibility for your failure or mistake, you will be able to think intelligently how to amend the mistake. Never blame anybody when you fail, blame yourself and move ahead with better ideas, even when the other person have persuaded you to do something that has led you to failure, never blame that fellow. Those who take responsibility for what happened in their lives are the true leaders in their generations.

Many people blame their nation, government, parents, family background, wife or husbands, such people cannot go far in life, and they cannot achieve true success. Adam sinned against God and when apprehended began to blame his wife Eve, she also blamed the devil. Stop shifting the blame, start fixing the problems, in other words, don't blame somebody, and provide solution instead.

Never think that you are inadequate:

You are not as bad as you may think you are; never think that you are not good enough to receive blessings. You are not inferior as the devil may want you to believe, you are as valuable as any other man in the history of this whole world, you are not here by accident, you were sent here for a very incredible powerful purpose. I want you to believe this with all your heart that the good and beautiful things of this world are not beyond your reach, you deserve to have the best too. You are as qualified to have the best in life as much as any other human being on the face of the earth, this is the truth, believe it. Never think that you are inadequate; never under-estimate your own intelligence, neither must you exaggerate other people's.

Never allow fear to dominate any phase of your life:

In the first instance, never fear any man, the worst they can do is to kill you, and remember that you will die one day. Never fear death, many people are in bondage today because of the fear of death don't do it. Why must you fear? It's not worth it, because what you fear will end up happening to you at the hour unexpected. Do not fear to give something a trial in your life, never be afraid of investing your money wisely, and never allow fear to hold you from venturing into a worthwhile project. Behind every failure is a certain fear. Do the thing that you fear and fear will die in you, never surrender leadership to fear, conquer fear. Boldness is not the absence of fear; it is the ability to carry on inspite of it. Somebody said that it is not the smart people that make it in life it is bold, think about it. To everyone who had an encounter with God in the Bible God always told them "fear not" because fear kills, fear brings sicknesses and diseases, fear leads to untimely death.

Never think defeat in your life, the stronger your belief, the better chance you have to succeed:

You can make it.
You can earn more money.
You can influence people.
You can do what you friends or worst enemies thought that you could never do.
You are powerful, you are awesome.
Do not think failure, think success.
Do not think defeat, think victory.
Do not think lack, think abundance.
It is well with your soul.

Pastor Adenuga Sunday Joseph is a pastor who believes in empowering people to become the best they were created to be, his messages of God's anointed word has brought hope to many hopeless people around the world.

You can connect with him through his blog at http://successgalore.blogspot.com

Listen to some of his video messages at http://youtube.com/successgalore and be blessed of the Lord

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