Top Five Reasons People Don't Reach Their Full Potential

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We all know somebody who has an incredible talent that they could probably make a living or even get wealthy from. The talent could range from singing, building, inventing, designing-you name it. It really gets my "Gears Grinding" as Peter Griffin says on Family Guy, when I see people living below their means particularly when they relish a God given gift. Wouldn't it be selfish not to let the world enjoy your talent as much as you do (of course while making a hefty sum doing it)?

It sounds simple enough, right? Not quite, there are a tremendous amount of legible reasons why people don't take a step forward and leap into something they love to do. But the top five are legible reasons you should make aware to yourself so that you won't become "Psychologically Entrapped" to the same lifeless routine you endure everyday of the week.

1. Afraid to Step Out of The Safety Nets

Physiologically speaking, every human being has limitations, set to what's comfortable and what's not. From Birth our family values have dictated what is really acceptable and this also contributes to our "Safety Net". If you have ever heard the saying "The Rich Get Richer While the Poor get Poorer" then you will take this quote into mass consideration when observing the safety net rule. The rich are teaching their offspring how to stay wealthy, to not be afraid to take risks, to risk it all if necessary.

If it's comfortable then there is definitely something wrong. Poor people may teach their children how to be exactly as they are...poor. It may not be conscious in most cases but it is happening. In return, their children will learn to not take risks on goals that have high risk associated with them, to not invest because it's too "Risky", and stay where they are because it's comfortable.

Myself as an example, I refuse to wear shorts outside the house. This act is very risky to me because I hate my legs. But what if I wore shorts one day and a tall man walks pass me. He then stopped in his tracks and says, "My God, what beautifully odd shaped legs you have. I must book you for a high paying photo shoot." He hands me a card, it reads: Paul Lempkin, High Fashion Photography for Odd yet Beautifully Shaped Legs." Get my drift? Sometimes, it doesn't hurt to try different things that lie outside of your safety net.

2. Life's Circumstances

You may not be pursuing your life's dream because you have psychologically entrapped your mind into believing there is no way, no way out and no clear path to take (Do not pass go. Do not collect $200). I certainly believe that everything we do is a result of the mind which has been conditioned to believe or think a certain way. A mind could be conditioned by a spouse, media outlets, co-workers, religion....yada yada yada. After all those forces have influenced your mind-good or bad- you need to focus and redirect your attention to YOU! Never entrap your mind to believe anything other than "I can do it!"

You want to buy a house, become a home owner? Yes. Ok, you have bad credit, single parent of two school aged children and a job that just pays the bills. No way out, huh? No way in this world that someone like you could ever become a homeowner. Wrong, I've read books on testimonies where people with no job got home loans and became home owners. Just like that. Every situation is unique but if you can "De-Entrap" your mind and become what I like to say a "Creative Researcher" you can make your way to anything. Researching brings us to the third reason why people don't reach their full potential.

3. Pure, Unadulterated Laziness

Yes, your heard me. I know too many people who talk about a whole bunch of nothing. They talk so well that they have most people believing in their ideas and wanting to lend a helping hand. Do not get sucked in by talk because actions speak louder than words. Like Nike, "Just Do It". Whomever came up with that slogan must have known someone who talked the talk. Always speaking of what they want and are going to but always sitting in the same spot on a line we call life and don't ever move. Life is trial and error, growth and learning. Embrace it. Stop being lazy!

4. An Abundance of "Nay Sayers"

Plain and simple, you as an individual trying to succeed will always have "Nay Sayers" around you. Some of them do it intentionally, to hurt you because of jealously and not being content with their own personal lives. A few of them will do it because of ignorance and fear of them not wanting to see you fail. Either way "Nay Sayers" need to be deleted from the equation. Many will fail from listening to others negative comments because they aren't strong enough to withstand the negative pressure.

Like how the company FedEx got its start is a prime example. FedEx got its start with an idea for a research paper. FedEx was an imaginary delivery company that offered fast overnight shipping services. His teacher told him it was a ridiculous idea and gave him an awful grade. He quit school and started his company. FedEx is now a multi-billion dollar company. In your face, right?

5. Good Ole' Patience

This world is technologically advanced and so fast paced its amazing how a person copes. We have fast food, quick service, convenient stores and high speed internet. Everything is in your face and ADHD fast. Then when someone or something is not so fast, people get angry, bored and eventually stop. When something doesn't come faster than we expect we quit. The best things in life are things in which we wait for. Patience correlates with determination and perseverance without those qualities full potential will never be reached.

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