5 Leadership Basics Which Make an Astonishing Difference

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Elegant leadership implores you to change circumstantially, in the moment. There are special things to pay attention to. These are the common elements that all leaders must pursue, and they always manage to make the difference. The following are five things that effective leadership must always keep one up on, and which are always an essential component of all leadership coaching programs.


Most leaders have it all wrong... they talk more than they listen. If you are leader, you should enjoy hearing just as much as you enjoy being heard. And this is good for your job as well because when you listen, you get a lot of opinions and suggestions that you can work on and that could actually bring about progress in your team.

Be One with the Team

Leadership coaching teaches leaders to be one with their team instead of staying aloof and just designating them various tasks. It helps leaders to perform participative roles rather than the mere executive ones. Also, the leader should be able to understand the talents and limitations of the team members, which is quite important if the whole group has to move forward. The leader can then play to the strengths and weaknesses of individual members.

Always Be Open to Feedback

Leaders have to always keep their ears to the ground. They have to listen to what people are talking about them, whether these people are their subordinates, colleagues or seniors. But that doesn't mean that they have to change themselves for every feedback they receive. Leadership coaching also teaches leaders how they should separate the good from the bad and act on things that really matter.

Be a Guide and Mentor

Leaders need to hold their team's hands sometimes and lead them. This is understandable because team members expect to follow their leaders. However, in order to be able to do this, the leader needs to have courage and confidence, two things that leadership coaching can teach quite well.

Be Caring

This is a very important trait. Leaders need to have a human side to them. They have to show that they care. They have to show that they think about what their teams can do and cannot do. Keeping unrealistic expectations never works

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Jodi and Mike specialize in executive coaching with individuals and teams. http://lighthouse-leadership.com

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