Successful Goal Setting in 7 Steps

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What is the difference between those who practise successful goal setting and those that simply flounder from failed goal to failed goal? The truly elite have learned that goal setting isn't as simple as wanting something. They know that to have a goal is more than just wishful thinking, they possess the keen understanding that it's a process that has to be followed. Much like the series of calculated steps that a space shuttle requires before lifting into space, successful goal setting entails following a procedure that will hurtle you into the next atmosphere of achievement. Lucky for you, these steps are simple, yet extremely powerful.

1. Pick Your Goals for the Right Reasons. If your goal is to be rich, think hard about why it is that you want to be rich. Is it so that you can float around the world on a yacht while drinking expensive champagne? Or is it so that you can have a comfortable standard of living and provide for your family? There is nothing wrong with either, but the latter will give you a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

2. Focus on Your Strengths. Search out the opportunities in the areas that you are comfortable or familiar in already. Achieving great things is a hard enough process without having to jump into something that you know nothing about. Successful goal setting means continually utilizing your strengths to get you ahead while keeping a secondary eye on the weaker parts of your game.

3.Visualize Your Goal. Did you know that our brain doesn't know the difference between a real or imagined experience? When you take the time to sit down and truly concentrate on your goal, imagining every nook and cranny of it, almost feeling and sensing it, your brain interprets this as reality. This is an immensely powerful technique that you can use to infuse yourself with the desire and motivation to get through the difficult periods along your goal-setting journey. Once you can almost taste that goal, you are that much more likely to put in the effort to get after it.

4. Focus on Your Goals instead of Envying Others. It's easy to look at others who have achieved what we have and feel a deep sense of envy or even resentment. Focusing on the achievements and processes of others can provide a quick educational benefit, but in most cases, this educational insight quickly turns to jealousy. What works for one person doesn't guarantee it will work for you. Enjoy knowing that your journey is unique and special to you.

5. Don't Give Up too Soon. Often times the difference between successful goal setting and utter ruin is just that tiny extra bit of persistence. It's stunning to see how often success is just on the other side of a failure. Recognize the setbacks in the road for what they are-opportunities for you to shine in the face of adversity.

6. Our Biggest Dreams Should Haunt Us. It's a thought that will never quite go away. It's around every corner, giving us subtle reminders, waiting for us to get on it and achieve it. The fact is, you will expend more energy doing nothing, by getting down on yourself for not doing it, than actually acting out your desires. Funny thing about working towards our biggest goals is that it doesn't really feel like work after a little while. Embrace this feeling, because it will push you.

7. Evaluate! Constantly strive to see what is working, and what is not. Don't restrain yourself from tweaking things that aren't working as well as you'd like, and expand where you are doing things well. Set a weekly or monthly reminder to go over your progress and readjust where necessary.

Successful goal setting skills are within your reach. The next step is to get started. The truth is, there is nothing you can't accomplish tomorrow that you can't start today.

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