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There are numerous outlying and underserved populations that do not receive career mentoring but that could benefit from such advice. This is especially the case during layoffs and economic downturns. Recently, I was asked to provide a top-level design of a mobile career center. To satisfy this requirement, I developed a concept briefing. This briefing provides the following information:

  • Rationale
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Staff Roles
  • Hours of Operation
  • Example Activities and Services
  • Marketing
  • Cost Projection
  • Related Issues

A mobile center is a means of exposing people to mentors who have unique experiences. It can also be used to provide access to online processes, information, and job sources. Operation as a transportable hotspot also has strong potential. In this way, an expansion of opportunity awareness can be provided.

Mobile Career Center
The inside of an motor coach can be adapted in many ways. The best I have found is to provide internet and computer access in a setting that is also amenable to giving seminars. This picture is an example.





The briefing gives purchase and operating costs estimates. Needless to say, operating a mobile career center is a major undertaking, both in cost, management, and personnel. However, the return on investment is considerable when one considers those categories for fixed-in-place centers that have only short-term use.

You are free to use my concept briefing as long as my attribution is retained.



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