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This website concentrates on
becoming the kind of person who
has something worth writing in a
resume or saying during an interview.

Be sure to look into international
opportunities for scholarships:

Here are Job Listings specific to Ethiopia.

Time Management is essential
in your effort to succeed.

Hints on Personal Grooming,
Organization Skills, Self-Awareness

as essential components to
career and business success.

Your Career - Your Job Hunt - Your Success


Building Your Career in the Modern World

Selling Yourself as a Product During Job Interviews

Getting That Job

Job Hunting

Cover Letters



Career Development

Concerning Successful Technical Careers

Concerning Successful Careers in General

Lifespan Financial Planning

What to Look for in a Career

Setting Life Goals

Ancillary Material

Negotiating Salary

Preparation and Research

Preparing a Portfolio - Succeeding at Work

Styles of Dress