5 Activities That Mark Successful People

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I have been observing the activities that separate top successful people from the rest across different industries, and have noticed that they have common characteristics. Although one can argue the number or variety of traits they share, I've noted five traits you can model if you want to join the ranks of the top 10% of successful people.

1) The first activity that separates top successful people is they dream big dreams. Take some time and fantasize the kind of life you want to live. Project yourself 5 or 10 years into the future, and imagine the life you have in that time frame. What does your life look like? What kind of job do you have? How much are you earning? What kind of lifestyle are you living? Picture yourself having a life of good health, happiness and prosperity. When this picture becomes crystal clear in your mind, then you become more positive and will do whatever you can in the present to make that picture of your future a reality. You will trigger your creative senses to come up with ideas on how to make this picture come true.

2) Successful people develop a clear roadmap of where they are headed. Now that you have a clear picture of your future life, think about the specific goals that will make your vision a reality. Successful people think about their goals most of the time, and they are always thinking about what to do to help them move towards their goals. If you think about your goals and visualize them, you will accomplish more than the average person who worries and talks about his or her problems. Take time to write down your top 5-10 goals that you want to achieve in the next 12 months. Most people do not write their specific goals, so by writing them, you will put yourself in the top percentile. After writing your goals, think about the most important goal and set a deadline of when you will achieve that goal. By thinking and focusing on this goal, you will increase your energy levels and move quicker towards achieving that goal.

3) Successful people accept 100% responsibility for what happens in their life. Successful people refuse to make up excuses, blame and criticize others, and complain about their life. If successful people do not like what is happening with their life, they take action and make changes. Take charge of your financial, relationships, and health situations.

4) They find something that they are passionate about. Find out what you enjoy doing and where your natural talent is best suited. Throw yourself 100% into it and do it very well. Successful people have found a field where their natural strengths and abilities help them achieve what they desire. When you love what you are doing, there is a continuous flow of excitement and energy, and you constantly work towards making things better.

5) Finally, successful people stay committed to achieving the highest standards in your field. Make it a mission to be the best that you do, and join the top 10% in your field. A number of successful people have started off at the bottom 10%, and did what they can to reach the top 10%. After visualizing your future, make that commitment to doing nothing but achieving the highest standard. Work towards making yourself more valuable to your organization by investing in your personal development and skills enhancement. When you do well, you feel good about yourself, which helps you produce high quality work. Find a skill that you want to develop that will have the greatest impact on your life. Once you identify that skill, work on getting better in that area every single day.

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