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If a person is not worth their word, then what is their worth? If their actions do not match their words, then what? We all know someone like that; all talk, no action. While it's easy to point fingers at others, it's a complete waste of energy. Focus on what you can do to ensure that all the things you say you are going to do get done.


Say to yourself that you're sick and tired of the life you're leading and starting this day you are going to DO something about it. Believe that no matter what happens you will not veer off course and lose sight of the prize. Little miracles could truly happen in peoples lives in the simply had faith in themselves. Have the conviction to your faith in your boundless possibilities.


Say what you mean, mean what you say; this minute, this day and everyday. You'd be surprised how hard it can be to just be consistent day and day out. But, it is exactly those habits that separate those who succeed, and those you fail. Break a promise to yourself, and you let yourself down, hold yourself back, and keep yourself from the happiness you've always wanted.


Make the slogan "Just Do It" you're daily mantra. Ensure that you do everything within your power to do all the things in a day you need to get you one step slower to your goals. Getting in the habit of not putting things off and taking control is an incredibly liberating experience. Yes, it's true, if you want something done you're going to have to do it yourself. There's no point in complaining, roll up your sleeve and get it done. You'll feel a million times better once you do.

Make lists.

Try this out, make a bucket list of things you'd like to do in a year. Then break down what you each month to tick items off that list. Then make weekly lists if tasks that help you achieve your monthly goals. And the most important list... your daily list of the things you're going to do each day that will help you achieve your ultimate goal. You see great accomplishments are realized by doing to the little things everyday. Have a clear laid-out plan daily, weekly, and monthly will make it possible to track your progress, and create milestones to celebrate along the way.

Don't you be caught with your pants on fire telling long tales of things you hope to do, yet never get around to. It's not easy, but you can have all that you desire. And it all starts with a promise to yourself that you never break.


Elliot Zovighian is a life coach, speaker, author, blogger is the owner of EZ Lifestyles, a life coaching company from Toronto, Canada. His daily blog offers articles and advice on such subjects as life skills, work and career, relationships, parenting, featured videos and more.

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