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"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly"
~ Robert F. Kennedy

"Success is connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
~ Conrad Hilton

If you want to accomplish anything in life you must commit to it and commitment means taking action. Those who sit on the sidelines and do not achieve their goals in life are the ones who choose not to commit. Those who do not commit are the ones who choose not to act.

There are people who are afraid to say or do something "wrong" or to not have the support of people willing to settle for being mediocre, so they do nothing. Often those same people criticize, malign and gossip about the other group of people. They try to convince themselves and the object of their criticism that they are inferior. The other group of people are those who not only study and prepare, but move forward, take risks, seize opportunities and put their energy into accomplishing something. These people are people who may make mistakes along the way, but they do not quit and eventually they succeed. These are successful people.

Thomas Edison failed to make the lightbulb 99 times (while people criticized him as fool, crazy and stupid) but he succeeded in inventing the lightbulb 1 time -- and that was all that was needed!

There are people who are afraid of passion -- which is the core of genius! Then there are those who are passionate and achieve great things in life, travel to many places, meet many new people, experience many new things, and enjoy a good life. They may, again, fail occasionally or run into obstacles, feel discouraged or alone but they get up and try again and eventually succeed. They succeed because they act.

It is natural law in this universe that if want to achieve something you must not only ask and believe that you will receive; you must act in ways possible to facilitate what you desire.

What we humans can conceive we can achieve. Marconi conceived of humans talking to one another through the air. His friends were prepared to put him in a mental health hospital because they considered him crazy. However he achieved it and we have the radio. Edison conceived of the lightbulb and today we have it. One US president conceived of humans walking on a far away planet called the Moon and we have done it. Conflicts and enmities are settled because people gather their courage and choose to meet each other to settle differences. One man, Henry Ford, conceived of humans riding in a horseless carriage, to the laughter and disdain of many people. They had to eat their words when he built the automobile. It took action for these things to manifest.

Will you sit on the sidelines being mediocre and fearful, criticizing and maligning those who are different from the crowd and have the passion to achieve dreams, or will you make the most of your human potential and choose to act? Will you risk laughter, criticism and big failure on the way to great success? Success does not come to those who do nothing. It generally does not come to the mindless who do not study and/or prepare (yes there are those wild exceptions). It comes to those who dare to keep risking failure and choose to act. Wishing you the best success!

Copyright The Humanity Institute

L. Barrett Powell is an international coach and cultural trainer/consultant with an academic background and experience in psychology, theology and journalism. Barrett's focus is on Success and Law of Attraction coaching. She lives and works with individuals and inter-cultural organizations in the USA and Europe as a coach, coordinator and trainer. Contact her via The Humanity Institute or by email.

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