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These five strategies of success that I am about to share with you in this article are important pillars of success. Please note that they are not trials and error formulas, they are tested and proven to be real.

Strategy One: - Take Responsibility

Success will never be yours until you come to the realization that you are the architect of your destiny. You are the only one in charge as far as your life is concerned; you have the last say; you call the shots; you are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

Never again must you blame anybody else for your failure or misfortune in life. This is the point that separates leaders from followers; leaders take responsibilities, accept challenges and face them; followers shift blame on others. By blaming others for your supposed failure, you will go down to fail more. On the other hand, by taking responsibility for your failure, you will be sober, think, and discover the way of escape or solution.

Failure is not final, it only teaches you how not to do things in future. So dear friend, be in charge of your life, do not allow anybody or anything to rule you or control you.

Though there is free advice and counsel, be in charge and take control
Never allow others to dictate to you what you should do in life

If you know and are sure that you love music, go for it, express yourself, never allowing any friend or loved one to discourage you. If what you are doing is good and can bring about good of others and joy to many people, go ahead and do it.

Strategy Two: - Have a Sense Of Worth

You deserve the best in life; you are not inferior and so you deserve quality blessing. You are of great price before God; you are more important than you can ever imagine. You are as good as any other man; you are neither inferior to them nor better than them. No one is better than the other; we are different, not better, why? There is no basis to compare one with another because we are all created unique, each of us differing from another. You are you; the president is himself, not better than you because you were not equally endowed.

Please always remember this, no matter how successful or supernatural any man may be, he or she is still human, as ordinary as you and I.

Let me quickly add that we are not ordinary. You deserve the best, to get the best and to expect the best. You have to know and believe that

1. You are created to be a blessing to many.
2. You are created a light, so shine forth.
3. You are the salt of the earth, so sweeten, add taste, and value to life.
4. It is impossible for you to fail permanently.
5. Nothing is too good for you to have.
6. Expect big things; big money; big blessing

I see you smile the rest of the year.

Strategy Three: - Helping Other People

There is a proverb that says, "One good turn deserves another" I want to encourage you to be inclined and motivated towards helping as many people as you possibly can. Do your job from now on with the intension and motive to help people become better and not bitter. For example, if you are a barber, do it in such a way that your clients will look much more handsome and beautiful as a result of your touch. Whatever you do, let it be to bring joy and satisfaction to your clients, customers, boss, employer, employee and anybody you may ever have deals with in this world.

I have noticed that those who went to business into to help provide better goods and services always end up becoming millionaires. The rules are as follows:

Do not start out with greed for money, start out with a good intension, to help people become better by the job you do. As a worker, in your place of work, try to be the best worker, there is always a reward for hard work, the reward comes one way or the other.

Give more than other are giving for the same reward or money, cultivate the habit of giving extra bonus, it pays in the long run.

It is very important to be courteous, learn to be appreciative, say thank you to anyone who helps you, give to you or assist you in any way. Smiles work magic; it is a good idea to smile to friends, clients, customers, and everyone with whom you are doing business. Even in difficult times I have learnt to smile, even laugh it off.

Part of helping other is to teach others how to be successful too, reveal to them what you did that gave you this big success; this revelation will not diminish you but promote you. Real success is raising up other successful people in your stead, make it a point of duty to raise successors. I used to say this, "A success without a successor is a failure in disguise."

Strategy Four: - Hard Work

Success is not by luck. It takes great effort of strategic planning and action to succeed in life. Proverbs 10:4 says, "He becometh poor that deals with a slack hand..."

To become mean to turn to something else that was not originally. Laziness makes a man to become poor, pure and simple. There is no lasting success without hard work.

Strategy Five: - Consistency and Persistence

There is power in continuity and consistency. Rome was not built in a day, if you keep at what you are presently doing, you will end up a star in that field. A man that is persistent will perform better in life than the talented man who lacks patience and persistence. Keeping on in spite of difficulties has resulted in great victories anyone can ever imagine. Many people gave up at the point of success because they cannot hold on to the end, there is no single success story on earth that did not experience initial failure. They kept at it that is the reason they made the success that many are celebrating today.

In conclusion, be patient, be consistence and remember always that nothing can take the place of persistence in the school of success

Pastor Adenuga Sunday Joseph is a minister who believes in empowering people to become the best they were created to be, his messages of God's anointed word has brought hope to many hopeless people around the world. He is the founding pastor of Success Dimension Church, Ibadan, Nigeria.

You can be further helped by visiting and get linked to most of his works on the net.

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