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A good career is not achieved by casual effort. A person's road to success is necessarily paved by a strong study, learn, work, produce ethic.

Few undertake such an enterprise, that is why there are relatively few successful people, those who stand head and shoulders above their peers. Thomas Edison gave another very succinct explanation, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

Work is not a four-letter word. It is not a synonym with drudgery. Rather, if you are working hard at the right things without complaining, work is your friend. Embrace it as you would embrace knowledge and its mother, wisdom, since work is how knowledge gets applied to useful endeavor.

In the Christian Bible, Proverbs viii, 10, it says, "Receive my instructions, and not money; choose knowledge rather than gold." In our day and age, this could be taken to mean that a good education will serve you better than welfare handouts.

Seek that education and do not be fooled by traps laid in your path. Those traps will keep you poor for life. As it says later, Proverbs xii, 8, "A person shall be known by their learning." Still later we find Proverbs xvi, 22, "Knowledge is a fountain of life to those that possess it."

The Bible has been called The Book of Life. There is good reason for that. Not only does it teach us the way of God, it shows us how to best live in this life while preparaing for the next. Following those words will really pay off in both lives.

Knowledge is the platform from which one can take advantage of opportunity. Many are waiting for their ship to come in. But, without knowledge, they are woefully unprepared for the ship's arrival. The unprepared will not know when their ship is in port nor how to get on the ship even if they know it is there. Others think it is a matter of luck but luck favors the well prepared. All human life contains factors that are out of our control. It is these so called "random" factors that allow opportunity to appear. Be ready so that you know when the time is right, so you can take advantage of your opportunities.


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