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Dr. Stephen Covey, a well-known and compelling speaker and mentor on leadership, ethics, trust and enhanced performance, has spoken to viewers and audiences all over the globe. Dr. Covey is also a best-selling author of many books, including The SPEED of Trust (if you have not read this, you need to!). Dr. Covey shared the #1 behavior to build trust in a video on iLearningGlobal. Do you know what #1 behavior is? Read on...

Dr. Covey was asked out of the 13 behaviors, if you could only pick one behavior to work on, what is the most important to build trust? All 13 are important, but according to Dr. Covey, keeping commitments builds trust faster in a new relationship and creates long-lasting relationships.

Making commitments, keeping commitments, and repeating this cycle will increase trust and do it quickly. You need to do what you say you are going to do. However, this can also be a dangerous behavior if you over-compromise and do not deliver. If you do this repeatedly, you may not have a second or third chance to regain the trust of your customers, prospects, colleagues, family members, or friends. And, you will lose all credibility and this can attract a lot of attention.

Now, do not let this scare you... You can not be afraid to make commitments as this is not the nature of our crazy world today. Commitments are part of everyday life and business. Making commitments builds hope; keeping commitments builds trust.

So, how do you earn new business and trust with a new prospect? Make and keep commitments and the trust level will increase and it will increase fast. Find commitments that create and add value for your prospects. And, tell your prospects what to look for (signal your behavior).

Dr. Covey talked about a friend of his who is a CEO of a company and this CEO has a philosophy and strategy when starting any new relationship. The CEO states to his new prospect that any good relationship is based on trust. When he makes a commitment, you can count on that and he will deliver. He is signaling his behavior and when he delivers on his commitments, the relationship develops and grows quickly.

So, if you say you are going to do something, then DO IT! Keeping commitments is a great behavior to build trust and build it fast. Remember, this is not just about business... You can do this with your family members, friends, co-workers, networking groups, prospects, and customers. Making and keeping commitments is THE fastest way to build trust and when you do this over time, you will build a reputation of "wow... he/she does what he/she said she was going to do" and guess what?

This kind of reputation is money in the marketplace!

To your success and dreams,
Andrea Petoskey

Note: Have you been making and keeping your commitments? Tell the truth... Learn more about How to Build Trust.

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