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Recently, a forum in which I participate put forth a discussion on a common theme, belief in one’s ability to succeed. My put on the matter was that more than 2000 years ago a very wise person remarked on the possibilities if we were to have faith the size of a mustard seed. For thousands of years before that our elders have spoken and written about what it takes to have a happy life and solid career. We have only to know their teachings and put them into practice. Their words are collected in the Bible, God’s gift of eternal unchanging truth. “The Book of Life” it is called for good reason. He shows us how to live to best effect. If we chose to live otherwise, we should not expect our lives to take a happy route. This is not a punishment from God. Rather, it is our own choice to be unhappy and unsuccessful. It is rather like the fish who leaves the water. The fish dies not because he is being punished but because he has departed the life for which he was made.

As Adam and his wife demonstrated, we have been endowed with freedom of choice. To help us make good choices, God gave us the Ten Commandments and inspired his word to be written down for all to see and understand. In his love for us, he gives us his guidance as we make our choices. He is keen on our choosing him and life with him. However, we can choose otherwise. We end up in life-long and eternal misery thereby. Let us take the positive route, the one that is actually much easier than the other. He has shown us the way to that road and given us the means to stay on that road. To that end, here are some personal insights into his word regarding the pursuit of our calling. All of God’s word is worthy of our knowing and understanding. My hope is that these selections that have been an inspiration to me will spur you to explore further.


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