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I was at a livestock auction once and a little goat was drawing no bids. The auctioneer talked and described, pleaded and begged and still no hand whipped into the air. Finally someone from the crowd shouted out, "Enough talk, sell the goat!" It worked. A fair-haired boy of 7 raised his fist into the air while grasping a $5.00 bill and announced, "I'll buy him, sir." And he did.  

Take this as a daily reminder. You can talk, fiddle, piddle, and moan, but at the end of the day you want to be able to reflect and realize that you have accomplished at least three major goals (more for you over-achievers; no less for you bedragglers). So how do you do it, accomplish your goals while filled with joy and excitement, and ready for the next challenge tomorrow?  

First, jot down a list of things you would like to accomplish. These may need to be divided into categories such as "Home", "Family", "Job", "In-laws". The last one was injected to make sure you are paying attention. Yes, everyday you have goals. By identifying them AND writing them down, you are on your way to reaching success.  

Now, prioritize each list considering what can be completed in one hour, one day, one week, one year. Goals have different time and energy requirements. There is little sense in writing "Clean the entire house and discard at least 35 useless items" if your home is huge and has never been mucked out, or if you have strong personal attachment to every item within. Big tasks need bite-sized chunks.  

Remembering that your goal is three goals per day, examine carefully that one hour list. Are you being reasonable? Wise? Setting yourself up for success? With three loud screams of Yes! Yes! Yes! You are ready to roll. If instead of Yes! You responded with murmured No? Maybe?? Impossible??? It is essential to re-examine your list, then break things into "Must do", "Would like to do", and "It ain't never gonna happen". The great thing with that last group is you can meet a goal right off the bat - things you are never going to do. They can now be set aside, out of sight, gone if not completely forgotten. Cleaning to toilet may well become necessary down the line. Toss this goal to the wind. There is little to be gained by dwelling on the unfeasible or improbable.  

Pick one of your one hour goals. (some of these may be slightly less than others just more than an hour). Focus entirely on your goal as you decide how to get it done. Will it take money? Extra energy? The help of someone else? Delineate your needs so that you can accomplish your task. For example, Write a 500 word article for ezine is doable. You don't need money, much energy, or help; you just need an idea. For ezine, brainstorm 15 skills you have that you could share with others. OK, 12 is all right, 21 is over-extension. The good thing is that ideas are tumbling, the timer is set for one hour, and you can meet this phenomenal goal. Start tippity-tapping the keys and voila! Fait accomplish!  

Now zoom in on one of your personal one day goals. One day! Yikes! That sounds exhausting, doesn't it? Break it down into doable sections, maybe picture it in one hour segments. One hour is a doable amount of time, sixty minutes to remain whole-heartedly centered on the task. Do this with every big project so that your goal is always attainable. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, you will happily and contentedly meet and exceed your goals because they are clear, focused, doable, and worthwhile.  

There is a sincere promise that you must make to yourself to conquer any goal - I will stick to it until it is done. Empty promises are quickly broken or forgotten. Tie some determination, bind some discipline, and develop your drive. These absolutely guarantee your success. While excuses and procrastination may be a thrill, they usually end up sapping energy which could be more wisely spent elsewhere. Make no mistake, not getting things done is more difficult, more draining than actually facing the task head on, eyes pinpointed on the target, and the mind filled with resolve for victory.  

What are your three goals for today? Even if it is late in the evening as you read this, it is not too late to meet, greet, and complete them and then celebrate. Remember the goals that you jotted down for today, how you divided each into achievable segments? Take out that paper, grab a marker, set it on the last word of the goal, then gently slide it right to left until the goal has been obliterated. You made it! Repeat this with every goal to exemplify your willpower and self-belief. Know that tomorrow you will reach even loftier heights in facing and finishing your goals.  

Enough talk, sell the goat!  

Gini Cunningham is an educational consultant; free lance writer; and professional development coordinator. http://www.energizedlearning.net

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