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Alan Ashley-Pitt says:" The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself where no one has ever been".

Leaders are the ones who take the road less travelled or even they are the ones who discover the paths untraveled. Once they discover the path, they become searchlights by highlighting the path for others to follow. They are the ones who say no to following the crowd and because of that they become worthy of being followed by the crowd.

Every one of us should be the leader of our own life. We should not let others take control and sit in the pilot seat of our life. We should not also be dependent on others to tell us what is right and what is wrong. It is our right as human beings to take responsibility and explore the beauty and wonder of life ourselves. Only this way we can discover our true potentials and fulfill our mission in life.

Now, how can we take the leadership in our own personal lives? How can we get out of where we are stuck in our lives and move on? How can we take the first step in discovering new paths so that we can be searchlights for others?

The first thing to notice is that you are not what most people think you are. You are not your physical body. You are not meant to recognize yourself by your name, your fame, your wealth, your material belongings, your position, and so on and so forth. You need to realize that you are a "soul" who has come to this lifetime to play YOUR role fully in order to grow. You need to recognize that you are not only the actor or the actress of your own movie of life but you are also the writer, the director, and the producer of this movie. So, you have the capability to rewrite your movie in the way that you want. You can change the scenes, the players, the actions, and the outcome. You can make it the best movie of your lifetime if you want to. But remember those movies are recognized as the best ones and are nominated for awards that are unique in one way or another. They are not the ones which follow the crowd. They are the ones which have powerful messages for others and generations to come. They are the ones in which great writers, great actors, great directors, and great producers lead. The message here is that you should not let others make the movie of your life, take control and produce the movie that you are meant to produce. Lead the movie of your life in a way that is unique so that others would use it as an example.

The second thing to notice is that in order to play your part fully and become a true leader and searchlight you need to have your "operating system" and your "software" upgraded. You cannot be a leader without upgrading your thought and belief systems. If you don't, you would be like an old computer which has an old operating system and old software full of viruses and clogs. Do you think such computer can handle new data, new information, and new software? No. The computer needs to be upgraded, reformatted, and emptied from viruses, worms, and clogs. In the same way, you as a leader who creates new paths should upgrade your belief system, your thoughts, your mind, and get rid of your old sanskars by installing new software and new virus detectors. By wiping out your old and limited thought patterns you can get out of where you are stuck and move forward.

And the third thing to notice is that you should always be willing to change and welcome new challenges because through change and challenge you can grow. Remember that there is always an opponent who does not want you to change and grow, an opponent who does not want you to be in charge of your destiny, an opponent who wants to take control by creating viruses in the software of your life. This opponent is your ego. Don't let your ego dictate your thoughts, your acts, your words, and your emotions.

When you know that as a soul you are the owner of your own movie of life and when you upgrade yourself for being the best writer, the best actor, the best director, and the best producer of your movie, and when you don't let your ego decide for you, then you are fully guaranteed to achieve your true dreams in life by fulfilling your life's vision and mission. In such case you are nominated for all the awards that life offers for you are a leader who has not followed the crowd but a leader who has created new roadmaps and been a searchlight for others to follow.


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