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The Career Development Toolkit from the Skills Library provides readings and activities for guiding career development. This book carries the message that career development is an ongoing process Anyone can take their first step by exploring career ideas and developing strong skills that can be used in a variety of careers. The book contains enjoyable readings and activities that engage the reader in looking at labor market information, thinking about their career interests, and finding out about a variety of career areas.

The following books are from the Saylor Foundation. They provide these copies under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license under which they were originally released. That means that you may freely read, download, share, and modify these books for non-commercial purposes as long as you provide proper attribution and share these or derivative versions under the same license. Please see each title for specific attribution, and please respect the rights of the owners. Additional books on many other topics, including business and entrepreneurship, can be found in Saylor's e-library.

Six Steps to Job Search Success This book is not about the economy or any theoretical discussion of why the job market may be robust or weak. Instead, this book is a practical discussion of actionable steps that you can take to land a job regardless of the market. It is not necessary to cede control of your job search to outside people or organizations. It is not up to your professors, your school, your career services support, or recruiters to get you a job. This book is about the proactive things that you can do to get yourself a job.

Leading with Cultural Intelligence We are in an age of social transformation, a period where social order is drastically transforming the human condition and what it means from what we have previously known. This age requires us to reflect differently than before about our relationships, about how we resolve intercultural and social conflicts, and the consequences our actions produce when we are not mindful of our intentions. Our's is also an age where empathy and emotional intelligence are essential in business. This book is written for leaders who want to learn about cultural intelligence and its application to leadership. Leaders emerge from all walks of life, in formal and informal ways, and notions of leadership differ among cultures.

Human Relations Knowing how to get along with others, resolve workplace conflict, manage relationships, communicate well, and make good decisions are all critical emotional intelligence skills you need to succeed in career and in life. This book is not an organizational behavior text, which is too theoretical for practical needs. While this book will focus on some of the theories, the focus is direct application to your current and future jobs. This book also is not a professional communications, business English, or professionalism book, as the focus is much broader: it focuses on general career success and how to effectively exist in the workplace. The core concept in the book is emotional intelligence and how these skills carry over into career success, such as through ethics, communication, diversity, teamwork, conflict, good decision making, stress management, motivation, and leadership.

Personal Finance Besides providing sources of practical information, this text introduces you to a way of thinking about your personal financial decisions. This should lead you to thinking harder and farther about the larger and longer consequences of your decisions. Many of the more practical aspects of personal finance will change over time, as practices, technologies, intermediaries, customs, and laws change, but a fundamental awareness of ways to think well about solving financial questions can always be useful. Some of the more practical ideas may be obviously and immediately relevant—and some not—but decision-making and research skills are lasting.

The Power of Selling Selling is a skill that everyone uses every day, no matter what they do for a living. Want to be successful? Learn how to sell. You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want, according to famous sales expert, Zig Ziglar. That means listening to and connecting with people, understanding their needs, what they want, what motivates them, and then capturing their imagination with a reason to buy, i.e. hire you. While this book uses traditional selling tenets as its foundation, it adapts the concepts to the rapidly changing world of business in today's environment, including the use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, wikis, and other interactive ways of connecting with customers, hiring managers, and those to whom you might offer your services.

Writing for Success If you were ever challenged to express yourself via the written word, this book is for you. This text provides instruction in steps, it helps build writing, reading, and critical thinking skills, and combines a comprehensive grammar review with an introduction to paragraph writing and composition. Beginning with the sentence and its essential elements, this book addresses each concept with clear, concise, and effective examples that are immediately reinforced with exercises and opportunities to demonstrate learning. Each chapter allows you to demonstrate mastery of the principles of quality writing. With its incremental approach, this book addresses a range of writing levels and abilities, helping you prepare for your next writing opportunity.

The Success Foundation was originally developed for teenagers. However, anyone who wants to learn about the principles of career development will find much value as they build their careers and become sought-after professionals. While this foundation does not mark their material as re-distributable, their material is free for your downloading.

Two other such downloads are the MIT Career Development Handbook and the TSU Career Development Manual.

A steady cycle of study-learn-work-produce is necessary for career success. To that end, have a look at freely downloadable sources of study material. This open-access literature does go way beyond career development but it is worth your attention.


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