10 Tips For Blasting Procrastination

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Procrastination is a bad habit of people. It is up to us to acknowledge that it is an unwanted habit and keep it at bay. How many times we cursed that we never fulfilled our dreams due to procrastination. We can be happier, smarter, healthier and even more wealthy if we could fulfill our daily goals and push away the need to read every email which includes spam, sales letters or humorous emails that you temporarily think that it is more important at that moment instead of doing things of more important value. Everyone is guilty of procrastination and there are ways to tackle the problem and be more productive. Here are 10 ways of blasting procrastination.

1. Affirmation: Do it everyday and consistently. Keep telling yourself, "I like to do things NOW." Whenever you are thinking of pushing tasks away, tell yourself you like to do things now.

2. Daily Goals: Set a to do list and have a check box beside every item that you would like to do today. Avoid adding unnecessary things into the list to avoid the list to turn out as a 5000 words essay. Check off the items after you completed it.

3. Visualization: The world greatest athlete uses visualization to optimize their performance. We should use this tool to motivate ourselves and help to increase our productivity too. Visualize how you would feel and see after completing the task. See the image in your mind and make it as vibrant as possible. Examples like having a healthy and well toned body after you completed the exercise or having your book published and selling in the bookstores after you completed writing a book.

4. Set a Deadline: How many times have we procrastinate due to not having a deadline. We could drag and drag till nothing was accomplished. Setting a deadline will incorporate a sense of urgency for getting things done.

5. Countdown: After setting a dead line, counting down would helps to create a sense of urgency too.

6. Baby Steps: Break huge task into bite size nuggets. For example when you are writing an essay of 5000 words, you could instead write a paragraph or 2 instead of trying to complete the whole thing.

7. Peak Period: What is your peak period? When is the time you are the most productive? Take note of the time and allocate tasks that add the most value for you into that slot will help you to be more productive. You tend to do things when you are in your more productive time of the day.

8. Conducive environment: MSN messaging, facebook and countless of other applications and stuff that would distract you from doing your work. Either switch off the application (assuming you got the determination not to turn it back on), off the internet or get to a place where there is no Wi-Fi access to do your work.

9. Do Not Disturb!: Set a time where you are not suppose to be interrupted and do heavy task that you need to concentrate on it. Vice versa, set a time where interruptibility are allowed and do a lighter task in that period.

10. Committing time: Commit time to do a certain task. Do a task for a set amount of time before moving off your seat.

The most important thing is to just start doing something. Energy gathers when you start to do something and momentum will help you to follow through.

"Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried" -- Anonymous



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