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With so much hype about success is it not about time we looked at how not to be successful? I mean, surely not everyone wants 'instant confidence' or 'how to attract instant wealth' and some us I'm sure would love to keep working until we are 65 in a job we loath, no? 

Hardly! And yet with so much information, resources, tools, tips and ideas on how we can live happier, more fulfilling lives why are so many of us still unhappy in our current reality and getting more miserable?     Are we genuinely stuck on the following 'tips':

  • Tip 1: Give in. Honestly, declare to the world that you are not worthy, you are not important; you deserve to be treated with a lack of respect and dignity.

  • Tip 2: Accept no help that comes your way. Decide today that you are never going to ask for support and proceed to lock yourself away.

  • Tip 3: Set no goals, have no idea where you are heading or how you are going to get there. Believe that you are never going to achieve what you want anyway so what's the point. Probably best if you just live each day on Groundhog Day.

  • Tip 4: Believe that there is no career or job out there for you. If you are stuck, play it safe and stay in stuckiness. Don't venture into anything new, you will no doubt fail so save your energy for complaining about how bad the world is.

  • Tip 5: As far as possible alienate yourself from every positive person you know. You know that they have nothing of value to share, they are not really happy anyway. Best surrounding yourself with likeminded people who bring you down, belittle and tell you how worthless you are.

  • Tip 6: Give up learning and stick with what you know. Try not to learn any new skills or have any new experiences, that would broaden the mind and you do not want that to happen, it will cloud your journey.

  • Tip 7: Only think negative thoughts, try and not let any positivity come through and never see the bright side of anything. In fact, just do nothing.
Obviously the above sounds ridiculous however they are how many people are living or existing. Even if you were to take one of the so-called tips above and turn it on it's head today, there is a good chance that you will be opening yourself up to at least the possibility that success is achievable for you. 

Success is different to all of us, stop comparing, define what yours is first and by a shift in your thinking alone you will soon realise that success is meant for you to. And it's okay to want a happier more fulfilling life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Dawn is a professional trainer and coach, for the past 16 years she has been assisting others to reach their goals and achieve success professionally and personally.

Dawn is on a crusade to ensure that you (if you want it) have the right to live your best life and achieve your own definition of success.

To learn more about Dawn's services, resources, products and to receive a complimentary copy of her newsletter please visit http://www.dawnbarclay.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dawn_Barclay


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