28 Major Causes of Failure

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Food for thought! 28 reasons for failure. Are you guilty of, or captured by, any of these?

1) The hardest one to overcome: Lack of intelligence and business acumen. The way to overcome this is by networking and masterminding with others.

2) Having no purpose or definite goal. 98% of people surprisingly, fall in to this category.

3) Lack of ambition. This is demonstrated by indifference. One is not willing to go the extra mile to achieve success.

4) Lack of relevant education. This is fairly easy to overcome. The best education is one that is "self-made", for example, one that is tailored to suit your chosen path or profession.

5) Lack of self-discipline or self control. Rid yourself of negativity. Once you learn the art of controlling yourself, you will then be better able to control your circumstances.

6) Ill health: Sometimes due to over eating, negative thinking and unnecessary worry, lack of exercise, fresh air and yes, unfortunate lot or heredity.

7) Negative impact of your childhood environment. Wrong words spoken over you as a child that you may have sub-consciously accepted. Wrong friends and a bad environment during your youth.

8) Procrastination: A very common cause of failure. Do not wait for the perfect timing. Just do it!

9) Lack of persistence. It is one thing to start a project or a new business, but quite another to see it through to successful fruition. "Failure cannot cope with persistence"

10) Negative attitude. If you exude negativity, you will repel others.

11) A "something for nothing" mindset. This is what drives the gambler. A real business requires time, resources and effort.

12) Lack of decision making skills. Make quick accurate decisions and see them through.

13) Fear: Be positive and fear not!

14) Wrong partner in marriage. Ouch! If you are not in harmony with your mate and in agreement sharing common goals, this can bring unhappiness. This does not foster success. This is NOT to say, change your partner, but rather, try and work things out in a mutually amicable way.

15) Overly cautious. Entrepreneurs take calculated risks. To be totally lacking in caution can be harmful as well, so it is important to attain the right balance.

16) Wrong associates in business. Surround yourself with positive, successful and like minded people.

17) Wrong career choice. It is important that you like what you are doing.

18) Lack of focus. If you chase every rabbit down every hole you will not catch any rabbits!

19) Lack of financial wisdom. A spendthrift cannot succeed.

20) No passion. Passion comes across in your level of enthusiasm. Very important.

21) Lack of tolerance. Do not be closed minded.

22) Lack of moderation. Over indulging in anything is not sustainable. Examples are over eating or drinking too much.

23) Lack people skills. Develop your skills so that you work well with others.

24) Inherited position or wealth. "Quick riches can be more dangerous than poverty". This will depend on the upbringing of the inheritor.

25) Ego. Being an egotist can be fatal to success.

26) Dishonesty. We have a saying, "A thief will never prosper". It is a rule!

27) Don't guess, think! Acquire facts. Do not act on opinions.

28) Lack of funds. Have sufficient capital to absorb the initial growth period of your business, to carry your overheads until you are showing a profit. [Yes, You need to run your career like a business.]

I suggest that you go through this list with a close friend or family member. Ask them to be honest and be receptive to their feedback. Quite often we don't see ourselves as others see us.

This is NOT designed to make you feel badly, but rather, to encourage you to shake off any encumbrances and step into your destiny!

Melanie Phillibert
Internet Consultant and Trainer and Entrepreneur
Certified Marketing Consultant


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Melanie_Phillibert


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