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Essentially, greatness is operating in your area of passion and doing so with an ever increasing excellence. Greatness is not always necessarily evidenced by riches or how famous you will become in life, though in some instances these are a part of it. Greatness is when your existence makes a lasting impact not only in your own life but in the lives of those around you (your community, nation or the world).

Greatness is dependent on you as an individual. It takes individual readiness, effort, and decision to start walking in the direction of destiny. You are born into a world that is focused on limits. For example, you can only earn so much salary, you can only work so many hours, you can only manage so many projects at a time, and so on. Until you make a decision to build the internal capacity to make an impact on humanity, you will always grapple with limitations and barriers.

Since greatness is achieved when you live in your purpose, when you do what you love doing daily, while aiming to do it better each day, it is necessary to build your muscle that allows you to carry on with ease. You may have all the potential stored on the inside but if you do not develop sufficient capacity you will not fully explore what you can achieve. You will under-live your life and not know it; you will lose your ability to walk in your purpose and not even notice it. You need to have a "No matter what", "Whatever it takes" attitude. Be determined to achieve your goal. Never be tempted to quit. Determination ultimately carries the day. Determination says "I may be standing in the fire now, but I am not moved by present pressure".

Whatever storms come, stick by your vision. Believe that the storms will pass and you will hold fast to your vision. I have seen people who run with their vision only up to the point of discomfort. When it is rosy and going well, they seem committed. However, just like in marriage, if you want success, you stick to it even during painful seasons. You donít get married for the season of excitement. You go all the way even through the tough unbearable moments where quitting seems to be the only meaningful thing to do.

Achieving greatness is a journey. For any journey to be a success one has got to prepare all it takes to complete that journey. Since greatness is a heritage for anyone and everyone, it means all mankind needs to be prepared for this journey to its ultimate destination. You cannot resort to taking the backseat on the bus of life and not care to discover what it takes for you to be the next greatness story.


Rabison Shumba is Chairman of the Board at Greatness Factory Trust. He is also Founder & CEO of Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd. Both organizations are located in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe Africa. The first chapter of his book can be downloaded without cost and freely distributed. A full copy of his book can be purchased via this pageís Recommended Reading link.


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