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Do You Recognize Change Or Do You Deny It?

You have probably heard the old adage that the only thing constant in life is change. That statement has never been truer than it is today. Change is with us constantly and we are touched by it every day.

Here are the questions for you... And you must be honest when you answer these questions.

  • When you see change; do you recognize or acknowledge the change?

  • Do you see changes as true change or do you only see changes as an anomaly that will return to its previous state?

  • Is your desire to ignore change so great that you are willing to deny that things are changing?

  • Have you created your own sense of reality that blocks out the facts?

The ability to acknowledge and adapt to change is a critical skill. Those that can recognize change will see it as their source of great opportunities. Those that cannot accept or deny change, will not only miss out on the great opportunities; they will ultimately lose their way.

Are You So Set in Your Beliefs; That You Refuse to Accept the Fact That Things Change?

The inability or unwillingness to see change is a handicap. Many people today suffer from this malady. They have their beliefs and regardless of the facts presented they refuse to believe that change is happening.

What Is Your Change Adaptability Factor?

Do you recognize the changes happening around you? Do you have your eyes on a target so when changes happen in your path to your target you can see them quickly and adapt?

You have to be adaptable! An inability to recognize and embrace change will only hold you back.

Recent Changes

The job market has changed some jobs are gone that will never be back. Do you know anyone that fits that category?

Some businesses must cut back on employees and hours or they will fail? Have any companies you know had to make those changes or should have made those changes?

Over the past two years we have experienced the "UNTHINKABLE". No one expected the meltdown of the financial markets. No one expected unemployment to rise to their current levels. No one expects and many do not believe or want to believe that the jobs that disappeared may be gone forever. No one wants to believe that the "UNTHINKABLE" events may not be over.

These personal beliefs can prevent you from seeing or at least acknowledging that the "UNTHINKABLE" exists.

Do Your Personal Beliefs Stand In the Way Of Your Seeing Change?

Many people get so wrapped up in their own personal beliefs that they are unwilling to believe or accept anything that might challenge those beliefs. They are afraid to think or believe that their beliefs are either incorrect or no longer relevant.

Most People Are Not Prepared for Change

What typically stands in the way of admitting to change is a lack of preparation. If a person is unprepared for change or has no idea how to adapt to change; change is frightening. The idea of change creates a paralyzing fear and denial becomes their escape from the reality of change.

Lack of Preparation Results in Inaction

Because of the lack of preparation and the ensuing paralysis; instead of action in response to the change, they have inaction as they wait for the old ways to return. The obvious problem with that is that either the old ways are gone and will never return or the old ways will return but never to their previous glory days.

This attitude leaves these individuals susceptible to being blindsided or surprised when change happens. Their beliefs are so strong that by the time they finally accept the facts that what they once knew is no longer true the greatest opportunities have already passed.

Moving Forward Requires Adapting To Change

Being able to put your old beliefs aside and learn new things is a critical skill that is possessed by the successful. The successful recognize that the ability to change allows them to see opportunities.

Those that will not see change or will not accept change; cripple themselves. Today there are a lot of cripples, because they are holding to the belief that things will return to the way they were. To them it is unthinkable that what the norm was is no longer the norm and will never again be the norm.

People Must Change Now, Today

Those that have been waiting for things to return to the way they were; must stop that thought process now. It is time to accept the reality of change and start adapting. There is no more time to waste.

Jobs are lost, businesses close, but life goes on and so must you. Recognize change, embrace change, and adapt to change. If you give change a chance you will find your opportunities.

Copyright Tom Staskiewicz

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