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Welcome to my website about building a solid career. Come sit with me awhile and chat. I think you will enjoy and benefit from the discussion offered here. Helping to raise the next generation of deeply knowledgeable, creative, and productive people is a great concern of mine fonts. After 35 years, I am still enjoying a career as a senior research engineer, working at the doctoral level in industry. In this website are my personal opinions on how you too can build a successful career. You will also find career suggestions from several other authors.

Volunteering as a career guidance mentor, I have been providing assistance to people who are seeking help finding and building the career that they wish for. You can achieve considerable success in your career by learning the tactics of how to choose a career path that you will find exciting and rewarding. It is possible to overcome what most people call discrimination, accidents of birth, and late blooming as you continue down the path you prefer. But, you will find that it is not something to be done casually. There are no get-rich-quick schemes, no 90-day wonders, and no labour-free approaches to a successful career. If you want success, you have to reach for it. That reaching takes time and effort: a continuous cycle of studying, learning, working, and producing. In this personal enterprise, you will find great joy and solid employment opportunities.

So, if you need career advice or you have been confused, thinking about what your career should be, or how to become an in-demand professional, avail yourself of the material on this website. Consider my personal opinions, and those of the other authors you will encounter here. Then take responsibility for yourself and proceed. Success is within your reach.


Over the years 2011 - 2015 it became clear that people of developing nations can not afford commercial study material. Open-Acess offers much in the way of quality without reader cost. A meta-search prototype now exists. Feel free to make use of it and to send comments.


If you want to be informed about recent additions to this website, please subscribe to the related blog. This blog posts introductions to articles I write or select. Each blog post contains a link to the full article. This feature was added in June 2011 so there are many articles that do not apppear on the blog. You can search the entire site by keyword if you want to browse the contents, or you can look at the topic index.
 Peter ᠃areer Guidance Counselor

During February 2011, I answered
an invitation to give a series
of talks on professional and
career development
Zimbabwe Africa.

In 2012 and 2013 the work in
Zimbabwe resulted in a 3-DVD
Career Discovery Toolkit. This
toolkit was modified slightly for
inclusion on this website.

In 2014-2015 the effort in
Zimbabwe was to teach courses
in Distributed Systems and
Fuzzy Logic at the Chinhoyi
University of Technology. They
also asked for seminars on
matters related to job hunting.